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The Golden Gate Brass (Alicia Telford)


The Golden Gate Brass performs music spanning all styles from baroque to contemporary.

The story of the Golden Gate Brass is a long tradition of making fine music for audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, performing with the same roster of well-known players since 1984. The musicians of the Golden Gate Brass are drawn from the San Francisco Opera and from the Marin Symphony. This group of players creates musical experiences suitable for all age groups, combining exquisite technical command of their instruments with an engaging and lighthearted approach to music and theater.

The members of the group are stage artists as well as musicians, and in their appearances complement their musical offerings with their considerable comedic and dramatic artistic abilities–that means they will make you laugh!

The Golden Gate Brass ensemble of brass musicians is available for performances througout the San Francisco Bay Area.

To arrange a concert or to obtain more information, email or phone:

Alicia Telford
(510) 845-6660
(510) 697-1883 cell

Carole Klein
(510) 482-3825
(510) 501-8559 cell

Contact me at: