Musicians Union Local 6
116 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-2603

Telephone: 415-575-0777
Fax: 415-863-6173

Office Hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Dues Department closes at 3:30pm


  • Katie Curran - Assistant Secretary – Treasurer (Casual Rates)

    Katie Curran

    Katie Curran is an active freelance musician based in San Francisco and currently serves as Principal Trombone of Opera San Jose. She has also held positions with the Santa Cruz County Symphony, the Vallejo Symphony, the Sarasota Opera Orchestra, and the Huntsville Symphony, and has served as an extra with the San Francisco Symphony and the San Francisco Opera. In addition, she has held several positions in arts administration, working at the SF Conservatory, the Aspen Music Festival and School, and serving as General Manager of the Lexington Philharmonic in Kentucky from 2014-2016. In her spare time, she likes traveling, backpacking, and cooking.

  • Cheryl Fippen - Bookkeeping

    Cheryl Fippen

    Cheryl’s background includes a career as an orchestral and musical theatre cellist, member of many Players’ Committees, and Vice-President Emerita of the Regional Orchestra Players’ Association.  She also has experience in accounting and financial planning, areas that are more applicable to the job here at Local 6.  If you have questions about Death Benefits, Beneficiary Cards, MPTF, billings for Musical News and Directory, or the Petrillo Fund, call Cheryl.  “It’s fun keeping in touch with musicians from a different perspective.”

  • Tony Orbasido - Recording Department

    Tony Orbasido

    Tony Orbisido, health care administrator, recording contract specialist, and all around computer wiz has been working at Local 6 since 1996. He plays guitar and owns sixteen snakes (all in cages).

  • Jeannie Psomas - Local 6 Social Media Manager/Organizer

    Jeannie Psomas

    Jeannie Psomas is a native San Franciscan, working clarinetist, bass clarinetist, and clarinet teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. ​When Jeannie isn’t performing, teaching, or frantically practicing she enjoys watching her dog run around Fort Funston and rooting for the Giants. “The parts of the union that excite me the most are the parts where we get to stand up to systemic injustices like racism and sexism in the work place, as well as the community organizing aspect.”

  • Lori Ponton Rodriguez - Treasury Department, Membership

    Lori Ponton Rodriguez

    Lori Ponton Rodriguez, Assistant Treasurer, dues payments and winner of her family’s tickle-fests, started her musical studies at the age of eight and now is an accomplished woodwind player.

  • Alex Walsh - Musical News, Member Benefits & Services

    Alex Walsh

    Alex Walsh, member services, Musical News writer, and website admin has worked at Local 6 since 2001. He is a singer/songwriter and has played guitar and harmonica since the age of fourteen.