Membership is open to all musicians and vocalists who work part-time or full-time in pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, folk or other areas of music making in the United States and Canada.

If you decide to join, we urge you to take advantage of our member service programs, attend our meetings and social events, vote for officers (or become one), communicate your ideas and help make the union a better organization for all musicians. Please keep in mind that the Musicians Union is not a booking agency or hiring hall and we cannot guarantee you work as a musician.

Find A Local Near You

If you live outside of the Local 6 jurisdiction (San Francisco Bay Area), use the Find a Local feature of the AFM website to find a Local Musicians Union in your area.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Local 6?

If you have never been a member of any AFM Local the cost to join Local 6 is $227.50. This includes a $110.00 Local 6 initiation fee, a $65.00 Federation initiation fee, and $52.50 for the current quarter’s dues.

If you are under the age of 21 you are eligible to join as a youth member. All initiation fees are waived (for a savings of $175.00). The cost to join is $52.50, the current quarters dues.

If you are currently a member of another AFM Local, or if you have resigned in good standing from another local, the cost to join Local 6 is $162.50. This includes a $110.00 Local 6 initiation fee and $52.50 for the current quarter’s dues. Proof of membership – or your resignation of such membership, is required.

If you have been dropped any AFM Local for nonpayment of dues – or if you have resigned from Local 6 – and you wish to reinstate, the cost depends on a variety of factors. Please contact us for the amount:

Lori Ponton Rodriguez, Assistant Treasurer – (415) 575-0777 ext. 304 or Email Me.

Discount for Self-Contained Bands:
To take advantage of this special group rate at Local 6, band members must apply together and pay their first two quarters’ dues, for a total of $105 each. Initiation fees for both Local 6 and the AFM are waived, providing a savings of $175 per member (discount valid only one time per group).

How Do I Join?

Fill out the application and pay the fees.

Please contact us if you are not sure how much to pay. Make checks payable to: MUSICIANS UNION LOCAL 6. Please note that initiation fees and membership dues are non-refundable. You may either drop by our office with your completed application, return it by mail, or send Lori a signed pdf.

Alternatively, you can pay over the phone by credit card. Please call Lori at (415) 575-0777, ext. 304, to pay by credit card over the phone.

New Members can join on the afm website. Also, the AFM website requires that you pay for an entire year.

Fillable Application: (Download PDF, fill it out, save it, then email to:

Paper Application: (Download PDF and print)

AFM6 Instructions for Joining

Request an Application by Mail

If you would like us to mail you an application, please fill out the form below: