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Groovy Judy (Judy Gascoyne)

Original Flower power funk-rock with a positive groove! “If Jimi had a sister, it would be Groovy Judy!”


“Groovy Judy is great entertainment for young and old alike.”
Patrick Tracy , San Leandro Times

Groovy Judy is an artist who loves to inspire and encourage people to love one another and enjoy life. She’s embraced the fun and spirit of the late 60s and early 70s and put it into her music, colorful dress, and upbeat personality.

Her main musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Sly & The Family Stone and the messages in her music are about relationships, communication, peace, love, and improving society. She prefers to look on the lighter, brighter side of life and put out positive vibrations that make people smile, laugh and feel happy. Her new self-titled album features songs like Jimi’s Sister, Forgive, Peace & Love and Hey Dad.

Musical Entertainment filled with peace, love, spirit and fun! Groovy Judy performs solo or with her band at clubs, parties, fund raisers, churches and non-profit events.

Visit The Official Groovy Judy Website for sound clips and much more!

Booking Contact:

Groovy Judy
Hey Judy Productions
PO Box 883393
San Francisco, CA 94188-3393

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