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Druid Sisters Tea Party (Marcie Brown)

All girl groove world dance band


The Druid Sisters Tea Party is an all girl groove world dance band that pulls its flavors from around the world. Exotic gypsy cello, Irish fiddle, pounding jungle drums, dreamy trance vocals, swirling acoustic guitar and earthy drones combine to create Celtic jigs gone mad and tribal grooves from deep inside middle earth.

When the Druids perform and you close your eyes, you can almost see faeries and elves dancing in the deep green woods. The Tea Party will take you on a magical journey to a faraway land where you are inspired to dance and to celebrate.

The Druid Sisters can play as an acoustic trio of hand drums, strings and vocals for small rooms and events, such as art openings and private parties and concerts. We can also expand into a full band with four or five or six members, adding electric elements and a didgeridoo player for larger concert halls and festivals and world music educational programs.

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Marcie Brown, cello
2765 Seattle Road
Alameda, California 94501

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