Earl Watkins Rehearsal Hall

Recording-Studio-Room-ShotMembers may use the rehearsal hall at a nominal cost. The hall is equipped with a piano, drum kit, chairs and music stands. It also doubles as the Local 6 / Patrick Simms Recording Studio. Parking may be available in the rear of the building accessible from Washburn Alley.

To book a rehearsal with us you must have a Leader Agreement on file. If you do not have one on file, please fill out this Rehearsal Hall Leader Agreement.

Please Note: A $50 cleaning deposit is required to use the hall. If you do not have a $50 cleaning deposit on file, please pay the fee here.

Room Rates:
Groups consisting of all Local 6 members
$5 hr. (3 hr. minimum)

Mixed Groups consisting of Local 6 members & non-members
$7 hr. (3 hr. minimum)

CBA groups
$10 hr. (3 hr. minimum)

Commercial use
$25 hr. (3 hr. minimum)

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