Donate to musicians who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus and/or Wildfires

Many members have lost their income from playing and teaching. They run the risk of losing their homes or healthcare due to their inability to pay. If you have the means to help, please consider donating here. Your donations are not tax-deductible but they will be held in a special fund allocated to our members in need. Thank you for your generosity.

Earl Watkins Rehearsal Hall

***Local 6 Piano Unavailable starting 8/21 for about a month*** The Local 6 piano will be out of commission for about a month starting on Wednesday, August 21. It will have a complete overhaul. We don’t know exactly when it will be ready but they said it will take about a month. So please bring a keyboard/synth if you need one for a rehearsal or performance at the hall. If you need amplification, there are a couple polytone amps available and a couple powered pa speakers, but it would be best if you brought your own setup just to be sure.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Member In Good Standing in Local 6, or have a CBA Agreement with Local 6, you can book the hall for your rehearsals.

To view the Rehearsal Hall schedule you must have a Member Account and log in with your Username (Email Address on file with Local 6) and Password.

If you do not have your Password, please retrieve it here.

If you don’t know your status please call 415.575.0777.