Anton Patzner


Anton Patzner is a composer and violinist who also plays guitar, percussion, and keyboards. He has a rock band called Judgement Day (experimental violin, cello, drums) that he started with his brother, Lewis. “I’m interested in putting the violin through effects that no one has ever heard before,” says Anton,” and making crazy noises.”

The oldest of three brothers, Anton grew up in Oakland. He attended the Crowden school in Berkeley, and then UC Santa Cruz. At age 5, he started on piano. He has played with rock bands since he was 16. His mother, Carla Picchi, is a violinist who performs with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, and his father, Kurt Patzner, plays bass trombone with the Marin Symphony and Santa Rosa Symphony, and he teaches high school music in Oakland.

Anton joined Local 6 two years ago. (Lewis is also a member.) “My parents were definitely the main reason that I joined. They were always in the union. Growing up, I would get phone numbers out of the union book, and that was cool. I didn’t join until I was making a more professional wage as a musician. Also, I wanted to be able to accept union sessions because of the benefits they include. And I’d have legal protection if someone was trying to screw me over.”

So far, Anton has scored music for commercials and public service announcements, and written string arrangements for pop bands. His film credits include the ninja movie Undercut, which was nominated for a 2006 MTV Movie Award as well as the short film Rose, which among its numerous festival wins was an official selection at the Rome and Boston Film Festivals in 2007. Currently, he is busy performing with Judgement Day. Check out where they are playing at: www.stringmetal.com