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Lisa Sanchez

Private electric and acoustic guitar instruction
for adults and teens. Topics include: jazz guitar, theory and sight reading, folk / fingerstyle guitar, classic rock, and blues.


Lisa offers private electric and acoustic guitar instruction for adults and teens at Gryphon Stringed instruments in Palo Alto, CA. Styles / topics include jazz guitar, theory and sight reading, folk / fingerstyle guitar, classic rock, and blues.

Here are some of Lisa’s students in their own words:

“Lisa Sanchez is an amazing teacher, as well as a superb guitarist and singer. She is encouraging, kind and FUNNY! Lisa knows a huge variety of styles of music (folk, jazz, blues, Latin, classical, popular, …). Then she is able to break down the learning of songs in these different styles into easily mastered steps.

She is incredible in her ability to teach jazz improvisation. Lisa has a special knack for using a variety of approaches to guide her students through blocks of any kind. She is supportive and able to show where improvement is needed without ever making students feel bad, even when we’re behind in our practicing.

Lisa can figure out songs very quickly from recordings, write music, transpose songs into different keys and arrange music for songs that a student has composed. She is also very well versed in computer aids (“Band in a Box”, “Garage Band” and various other software for musicians).” – Alice M.


“I’m a new student (9 months) of Lisa’s, a fellow of a ‘certain age’ returning to playing music after 20 years. As a demanding consumer I probably asked her a dozen pointed questions before we started, including her overall approach, types of students, what plan we could develop for me personally, my interest in learning it ALL, but doing it RIGHT and more.

She is not only an experienced instructor, with a wealth of custom materials she’s created over the years that she can draw upon for any situation, and at a moments notice it seems. She also has that true gift for a teacher, being able to explain a concept in several different ways depending on how the student learns. This is not an easily learned skill. My sense is that it was natural with Lisa.”
– Tim B.


“It isn’t often that you find an exceptional performing musician who also has the patience and communication skills to truly develop your ability to play guitar. I know of one, Lisa Sanchez. She knows where you are trying to go with guitar and she knows how to get you there.” – Bow R.


“I have been taking lessons from Lisa for over 12 years. She offers a number of styles, but most of all is an outstanding instructor. It takes a special sort of person who can not only have such a depth of musical knowledge, but is also able to synthesize this knowledge for a student.

Lisa can either get you quickly playing the blues, that rock tune, or whatever you want, or she can take you through a graduate course in music theory for the guitar. Under her tutelage, I have learned to read real sheet music, I have learned quiet fingerstyle pieces, and I have learned to deconstruct a jazz classic and then improvise to it.” – Scott S.

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