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Karla Ekholm

Bassoon Lessons

KarlaEckholm1Karla Ekholm offers private lessons to students of all ages and abilities.  Regardless of whether you are a young beginning student, an adult amateur, or a more advanced student with professional aspirations, Karla can tailor a course of study suited to your needs.  Example: Karla recently wrote out gameboy songs for one 8 year old student just starting out.

Karla enjoys teaching and has been teaching and performing professionally for the past 30 years.  She plays in a variety of orchestras locally and is featured in the documentary, “Freeway Philharmonic.”

What Karla’s students say:

“Energetic, fun, knowledgeable, and thoughtful.  She is a joy to study with.”
– Jenny S.

“My lessons with Karla have been an incredible learning experience.  She has helped me grow into a stronger and more confident bassoonist and she has been a great influence and inspiration to me.  But mostly she has been an incredible teacher who seems to be able to “zero in” on my weaknesses and help me to address them in a positive way.  I always learn something from her at each lesson.” – Leslie C.

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