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Karen Sremac

Private Clarinet Lessons

Karen Sremac has enjoyed teaching privately since 1985. Some of her students have gone on to play in symphonies and/or teach in universities. One year, despite the seemingly impossible odds, the only two clarinetists from throughout the United States to be chosen to perform as members of the National Youth Orchestra at Carnegie Hall were both from Karen’s studio. Karen has previously been on the faculty at the College of Notre Dame, Belmont, and the Santa Clara University.

Karen really enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to teach an understanding of the instrument and the expression of music. She strongly believes that each person learns in a slightly different manner, and therefore creates custom practice plans for each individual based on their goals and how they best learn. She strives to meet each musical and technical challenge with just the right approach for that person for that time in their development, thereby building their self –confidence and enjoyment of music.


Karen goes beyond providing individual lessons, running chamber music groups for her students.  From participating in these, I have learned a huge amount about playing effectively in groups –  lessons that I have been able to apply to playing in other chamber groups, orchestra and band.

…performing the haunting smooth wind solos woven throughout the Sinfonia, Sremac in particular was quite striking in her performance, playing with obvious feeling and depth, the notes of her clarinet rising above the orchestra, then melting back into the body of work almost imperceptibly. (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

She combines an obvious love of music with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with her students. – Rick J

Karen covered everything from embouchure to rhythm to posture! – Jesse

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