Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert

Jazz Guitar Lessons Improvisation / Theory — All Levels (San Francisco / Noe Valley or Sunset District)

BrunoPelletier21I offer Jazz Guitar and Improvisation lessons.

We will cover all levels of Music Theory & Harmony (in a Jazz and/or Blues context) and apply that knowledge directly to the guitar fingerboard. This includes various scales, patterns, chords, arpeggios and lines. The idea is that we want to improve our instrumental technique (pick control, relaxation of both hands, etc…) but still express ourselves musically.

We will study (and play!!!) standard tunes and common chord progressions, and I will guide you through Improvisation exercises and techniques that will eventually help you develop your own voice/style.

I have a lot of hand-outs, including chord solos (harmonized melody of standard tunes) and comping studies (fingered chord progressions).

I can also specifically help you with ear-training and reading.

I have played with Buddy Collette, Sonny Simmons, Norah Jones, Bruce Dunlap, Adam Levy (Tracy Chapman, Joey Baron, Norah Jones), Reid Anderson (“The Bad Plus”), Kenny Wollesen (Bill Frisell), percussionist Mingo Lewis (from “Santana”), African World Beat group “Zekele Sounds”, and the “Broun Fellinis”…

I have taught Guitar Classes, Music Theory, Jazz Composition and Improvisation Workshops at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, WI and at the Conservatory of Music of Cannes, France.

I’m a very patient and caring teacher who has been playing and performing for over 25 years. I teach at my home studio in Noe Valley (Church & 28th Street), at the Guitar Novatory/Sunset Academy of Music (Irving & 15th Avenue) and at Elizabeth’s Music School (38th Ave & Judah)

I charge $50 for a 1-hour lesson. Sliding scale for professional musicians or college students (particularly Music Majors…)

Please check my website for additional info on upcoming Seminars, Workshops, and private instruction.

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