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David Dieni

Better Drumming: Drumset, Mallet & Timpani Teacher

DavidDienEver dream of learning to play the drums or marimba, but never took the time? Perhaps you’re already accomplished but are hungry to go to the next level- or are experiencing pain because of bad habits. Maybe your children are budding drummers- with pots and pans!

Whatever your background or situation, I can help!

I teach students off all backgrounds: children to adults, beginners to those more advanced. I offer private instruction on drumset and all classical percussion: snare drum, timpani and mallet instruments such as xylophone or marimba.

As a drummer and percussionist, I have twenty years of professional experience ranging from classical to theater to jazz and everything in-between.

My education:

Oberlin Conservatory, Bachelor of Music
San Francisco Conservatory, Masters in Percussion

My teachers include:

Jack Van Geem, principal percussionist with the San Francisco
Symphony and marimba soloist.

Dom Famularo, acclaimed master drummer and expert of the
Stone-Moeller-Gladstone systems of drumming.

Fred Hinger, timpanist with the Philadelphia Orchestra and
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Alan Dawson, master jazz drummer

My performing credits are diverse and include:

Sacramento Philharmonic, Stockton Symphony
California Pops Orchestra, Mendocino Music Festival,
Berkshire Choral Festival, Pavarotti World Tour Orchestra, Golden Gate Park Band, Skywalker Sound (studio work)

Berkeley Repertory Theatre, California Cabaret,
CTA Crossroads Theatre, Marin Theatre Company,
City College of San Francisco (theater department)

Recorded on the Koch International label.

The drums are an instrument independent of any style- there’s a correct way to play regardless of the music you perform. One of the most important things to develop on any percussion instrument is a relaxed, natural approach to playing. This is my primary aim in teaching- a relaxed, natural way of playing which leads to a lifetime of drumming enjoyment. Some of the things I focus on include:

Cultivating a loose, functional grip.

Discovering the natural rebound of the stick and how it makes everything easier for you.

Understanding the different hinges of drumming and when they should be used.

Coordinating the limbs into a relaxed, balanced whole.

Developing reading skills without sacrificing a relaxed approach to playing.

Developing good time.

Balancing all the musical elements into a seamless whole whether you’re playing a drumset groove or Bach on marimba.

Once you have the fundamentals, you’ll have the ability to venture into any musical style you want!

Of course, I try my best to make it all fun!

To get started, you need only a pair of sticks and a practice pad.

Call Now to Schedule Your Lesson!

Contact me at:

  • (415) 867-1724