Resin 7 (Tony Orbasido)

Acid Funk Latin Soul Trip Hop Groove Jazz


RESIN 7, a San Francisco born Acid/Funk band has been forging a niche in the Bay Area music scene. Dipping into styles ranging from Jazz, Rock, Soul, Latin, Trip Hop and heaps of Funk , they’ve developed a sound all their own. With their all-original song writing and compelling live performance, music lovers are turning their ears to the “RESIN 7 SOUND”…”RESINATING THEIR MIND, BODY AND SOUL”…. SELF-DESCRIBED “Latin, funk, soul, trip hop, groove, jazz” outfit Resin 7 has been on the San Francisco scene, in various lineups, for more than 10 years. Resin 7 employs a virtual music store of sound in its pursuit of the good groove. A saxophone, trumpet, guitars, guitar synthesizer, an electric bass, a drum kit, and a battery of Latin percussions (but alas, no kitchen sink) provide band members with an arsenal of sound opportunities, which they exploit in their high energy sets. Beginning with a solid beat laid down by drummer Mark Edgar and percussionist/vocalist Carter Laos, their groove is peppered by funky, spunky bass flourishes from Kevin Ambrogi. The musically adept front line of sax player Bryan McVicker, trumpeter Alex Stefani, guitarists Tony Orbasido on electric guitar and guitar synth create layer after layer of harmonious swirling acid jazz and steamy funk dipped in a delicious salsa. A certain retro chic permeates Resin 7’s performances. In fact, if there’s one genre represented throughout their sets, it would best be described as ’70s-cop-show funk. Lalo Shifrin-like parallel harmonies in the horns and two electric guitars textures evoke only the best car chases from Mannix, CHiPs, and SWAT. But. there was also some Latin flavor. When Tony Orbasido electric guitar take flight over the caliente bed tracks, a definite feisty latin vibe is achieved. Bryan McVicker saxophones work, which can take you from John Coltrane to Michael Brecker, is transparent when it needs to be but comes to the fore for nimble and evocative solos. Percussionist Laos’ vocals on “Waiting for You, Secondary Sister, Habits Pass The Time, Macumba ” are astounding and the song grooves along like Jamiroquai with the Tower of Power horns.

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