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GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING – Monday, January 30, 2017 – 1:00 p.m.

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Monday, January 30, 2017 – 1:00 p.m.

A bylaw amendment proposed by the Local 6 Board of Directors will be decided by those members in attendance at this meeting or, in the absence of a quorum, by the Board of Directors. The full text of this resolution, which would increase the wages of the staff, officers and Board by 10% appears below. To be admitted to the meeting, members must be in good standing (dues paid through December 31, 2016).

Meeting Quorum Requirement

In accordance with Local 6 Bylaws, Article V, Section 4(c), the required quorum for the meeting on January 30th will be 44, the number equal to 2% of the membership reported on the last per capita report filed with the AFM (1808) plus the eight members of the Local 6 Board of Directors.

Recommendation by the Board of Directors:

  • Whereas, members of OPE Local 3 are no longer represented on the staff of Local 6 and therefore should not be referenced in our bylaws, and
  • Whereas, the current officer salaries in peer AFM Locals (Boston and Washington D.C.) are 19% higher than those in Local 6 and include full and nearly full health coverage, and
  • Whereas, the relative cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is 22% and 20% higher than Boston and Washington D.C. respectively, and
  • Whereas, Local 6 has realized an increase of revenue over expenses in excess of 100% over the last 2 years, due in large part to the absorption of Locals 153 and 292, making a one-time increase in officer and staff wages beyond what is currently allowed in our bylaws both reasonable and affordable, and
  • Whereas, the following amended Resolution #12 would begin to provide an adequate wage to Local 6 officers, board members and staff, and provide sufficient inducement to ensure that Local 6 will be able to continue to attract and retain qualified and dedicated elected officers and staff employees,

Therefore be it resolved to adopt the following replacement language for Standing Resolution No. 12:

The following rates of pay for Local 6 employees will take effect on January 1, 2017 March 1, 2005:

a. The hourly wage rate for all Local 6 member employees shall be $31.45 (currently $28.59). equivalent to the hourly wage rate earned by employee members of OPE Local 3.
b. The annual wage for the President and for the Secretary-Treasurer shall be $72,587 (currently $65,988). equal, effective May 1, 2013.
c. The hourly wage rate for duties required of the Vice President in addition to attending Board of Directors meetings shall be equivalent to 90% of the hourly rate earned by the President and the Secretary-Treasurer. (also effective 5/1/13)
d. The compensation for a member of the Board of Directors for each meeting attended shall be $128.11 (currently $116.46). $90.00”


All members of the committee have had a chance to discuss and consider the proposal and the Committee is unanimous in a “Yes” vote to approve the replacement language for Standing Resolution #12.

William Klingelhoffer – Chair, Melanie Bryson, India Cooke, Mary Hargrove, Rick Leder, Gordon Messick, William ‘Bob’ Williams.


The Finance Committee has reviewed the proposed amendment with regard to its potential impact on the financial stability of Local 6. The committee is unanimous in recommending its adoption.

Melinda Wagner – Chair, Steven D’Amico, Peter Wahrhaftig


The Players’ Committee recommended to the orchestra that the SF Symphony Musicians support the proposal to raise salaries by 10%. The membership is very supportive and you have the backing of the SF Symphony.
Cathy Payne – Co-Chair

After reviewing all the budgetary information provided, the musicians of the San Francisco Opera and Ballet support the proposed amendments to Standing Resolution #12 that would increase officer, staff and board salaries at Local 6 by the specified amounts.


In Solidarity,
The San Francisco Opera Orchestra
The San Francisco Ballet Orchestra