Alex Walsh Harmonica Lessons

Alex-Walsh-SS-Home-PageLearn How to Play the Blues (rock, folk, etc.).

Beginners Welcome.

Patient and Encouraging Teacher.

Topics include:

  • Harmonica Technique,
  • Musicianship,
  • How to improvise,
  • How to play well with others (at least me, on guitar)
  • and more!

$60 for 60 minutes.
$40 for 30 minutes.

10 years teaching private harmonica and guitar lessons.
I teach out of  Union Music Company (on Market St. @ Valencia). 
Call Union Music for references: 415-775-6043.

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Requirements: “C” Harmonica
Which one? I like the Hohner Special 20, but  there are lots of options–experiment!

Instructional books: I like to use the Progressive Series of music books to teach Harmonica with (but anything you have will do). I think the layout and explanations are very clear, and they include a cd with tracks for each example (usually with a band). For beginners, pick up the Progressive Beginner Blues Harmonica  book by Peter Gelling. You can purchase it locally at Union Music, or order it online.

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