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To The Internets! by Alex Walsh

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As I was walking to work one beautiful San Francisco Monday morning, I tuned in to KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny. The topic was the issue of restaurants in the Bay Area wanting to do away with the tip-based system and going with a 20% gratuity fee. The conversation got into all kinds of complicated areas […]

Movie Production Companies Take Government Tax Breaks And Send Musician Jobs Overseas by Alex Walsh

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What?! I learned about this when I got to work on Monday. My first thought was: ”Does Denzel know?” +++++++++++++++++++++ I went to the movies last weekend with my wife. “Two for Denzel,” I said when we got to the counter. “Oh, you mean the Equalizer,” said the college-age cashier. “Yes,” I said. Tickets were […]

You Want Fries With That? by Alex Walsh

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If you owned a hamburger joint, would you email the hamburger joint down the road and ask them to advertise your specials on their website? Sounds kind of weird, right? Would you be offended if they said, “Um, no thanks?” Would you then try to convince them that they’d be furthering the cause of hamburgers […]