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Top Ten Reasons To Be A Music Major by Beth Zare

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music-major-image-gene-wilderWe recently learned that the San Francisco Conservatory of Music will be housing students in the top five floors of the new 11 story building under construction next door to the Local 6 office.

That got us thinking about all the wonderful reasons one should major in music. So we compiled a top ten list:


1. You can join the union at the student rate.

2. If you get locked out of your apartment you can practice at the union hall.

3. Strangers won’t think you are weird when you explain you are creative.

4. If you don’t make it in music you can turn your life story into a reality tv show.

5. You aren’t expected to keep track of local sports teams and how they did over the weekend.

6. You can sit for hours in a coffee shop studying a score.

7. You can use the contacts made at school to start a quartet.

8. No one will think it strange if you decide to get a business degree.

9. You can use the excuse of needing to practice for getting out of any commitment.

10. Starting next fall, you can live next door to the Musician’s Union!