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The Zen Moment by Pat Wynne, Local 6 Member

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Pat Wynne offers lessons in vocal technique and perfomance for singers of all levels from the stage to the shower.

Pat Wynne offers lessons in vocal technique and performance for singers of all levels from the stage to the shower.

The voyage through life is pitted with distractions, despair, deaths, and destruction. It is amazing that so many of us persevere. Yet what is the secret of happiness? What is it that keeps us navigating the waters safely and from satisfaction?

For me, it is the magic moment of performance.

Music, dance, theater are the creative arts that stop time. When we are singing a song, nothing else intrudes. The total concentration is on the melody and the text. We are not thinking about our wordly problems. We are not allowing the chatter of the mind to interfere. We are wholly absorbed, as it were, in the Zen moment. Life? Death? Taxes? No! Only the song matters.

And if we have an audience…

Well that is pure nirvana.

The applause is instant gratification.

Of course, many hours went into the practice and rehearsal of the song, but all that is in the past.

It is the performing moment that is important now.

It is the moment that makes life worth living.

For many people, caught up in the consumerism of our society, happiness translates in to the latest acquisition. The latest style.

Whatever money can buy.

But I know that they are not experiencing what I have described. All the money in the world cannot compare to that Zen moment of performance.

Who else knows this? Go to non-industrialized countries and see how people are immersed in song and dance. They can’t go to the mall but they can experience that self-created moment of happiness—the Zen moment.