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My Step-Mom, My Hero by Alex Walsh

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Conny Ford, Vice President, San Francisco Labor Council, OPEIU 3

My Step-Mom, My Hero by Alex Walsh

Yesterday I attended a ceremony at San Francisco City Hall honoring my Step-mother, Conny Ford, for Women’s History Month. She was nominated by District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim for her work spearheading the campaign for Free City College in San Francisco. Now I can go back to college for free and take all those math classes I blew off!

But seriously, Conny is a great lady. At the party afterwords in Jane Kim’s office many toasts were made to her from her colleagues, neighbors, and young labor activists whom she has mentored. Conny is working hard to make sure the next generation has a chance, and from the looks of it, I think she is succeeding!

Congratulations Conny!

SF Labor Council Blog: Honoring Labor Leader Women on International Women’s Day in San Francisco

Conny on the steps of City Hall