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Remembering Randy Keith

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By Jo Gray, Board of Directors

February 12 1958 – August 25 2017

It’s with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our dear friend and colleague Randy Keith. Such a goofy, lanky, soft spoken, gentle giant, a fine musician, teacher, mentor, friend, husband, uncle,brother and son.

I’ve been reflecting on his life and legacy and I think I can say with confidence that he was the only person I ever met who threw himself with such gusto and enthusiasm into Union committees, both Players and Negotiation in almost every orchestra he played in. I found his attention to detail infectious and inspiring. He seemed to apply that philosophy to so many aspects of his life. (Anyone ever hear about the three or so months he spent researching and purchasing his latest car?)

He was such an idealist, so good humored and optimistic; constantly composing puns,playing pranks, joking and cheering up everyone in his pathway up until his very last breath.He gave his all to everything, whether it was looking for a new fingering or bowing, resolving issues both at the table and in the bar! He had an unstoppable lust for life.

Randy had a rare integrity, was an irreplaceable union advocate and worked fervently and tirelessly to protect our rights and improve our working conditions.

Let’s all honor his work and continue to volunteer for those committees  and union steward positions. We have his big shoes to fill!

I’ll never forget the hundred of hours I spent traveling back and forth to gigs with him telling stories and listening to Jaco Pastorius or Giants baseball games.