It’s Fair Play Fair Pay Day! by Alex Walsh

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CongressWhen I go to work I’m doing it because I will be paid. If I went to work and found out that some people were getting a cut of something that I worked on and I wasn’t, I would be pissed!

In the United States, musicians have not been paid for their music being played on the radio, ever. Pretty much everywhere else they do, but not here.

I really don’t know what to say about musicians. If there’s a way to screw them, someone will find it.

But now there’s a way to help unscrew them. It might be too little too late but at least it’s something. There’s a bill going through congress today that will try to fix this. I hope it does!

The Fair Play Fair Pay Act

You can write your representatives here. It’s ridiculously easy.

For more info, here is a good article about this issue.

And the Music First website has lots of info.

Thanks for listening.