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We Are All Cookie Monsters Now by Alex Walsh

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We Are All Cookie Monsters Now

by Alex Walsh

Victory is a cookie.

Yes, Sesame Street was saved from the Congressional budget axe. Whew!

That was close.

Thank you everyone who wrote in, signed the petition, and continued eating your cookies. It worked.

But only through September.


Here’s a letter from AFM President Ray Hair explaining the current situation:

Earlier this week a federal budget was passed that fully funds the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for the rest of the fiscal year. This is a result of musicians raising our voices to demand Congress safeguard the NEA.

The budget fully funds the NEA along with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and prevents the privatization of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) through September 30th.

Although we were successful this week—the fight is not over. We must remain vigilant in reminding our elected officials that symphonies, theaters, festivals, music education, and other arts programs in all 50 states depend on NEA support.

We must also continue to protect the CPB, which employs many musicians, arrangers, orchestrators, and copyists who are covered under our Public Radio and Public Television Agreements.

We stopped this attack because musicians stood together and made our voices heard. In the coming months we will continue to join with other artists and our communities to ensure that Congress maintains funding for the arts.

In Unity,
Ray Hair
AFM International President

So, we live to fight another day.

Spoils of war: